Corie has been photographing Kansas City area families and places for more than 20 years. Her love of photography was first sparked in high school, and she began to hone her talent in college at the University of Kansas as a photographer and photo editor at The University Daily Kansan. You can feel her editorial background come to life in Corie's photography style as each of her pictures seems to tell a story.


Corie also taught Pre K from 2001-2008. When Corie works with kids and families it's obvious she has a knack bringing out personalities and connections, and then highlighting that in her work.


Aside from babies, kids and families, Corie also happily brings architecture and businesses to life in her pictures. She has a background in real estate photography and loves to help business owners feature the best parts of their products, services and brands.


In her spare time Corie loves to spend time with her husband, Mike, and their  two boys, Finn and Beckett. Aside from her family, her favorite things are traveling, spending time with friends, watching reality TV , and eating Jelly Bellys (or any other candy that's available!).